The Mission of This Site
The mission of this web site is to inform women of the alternative methods of breast reconstruction after experiencing breast cancer, and electing to have a mastectomy.

This site will discuss the alternative methods of reconstruction. They include Implants,TRAM and free TRAM flap, and the DIEP Flap procedures.

We will focus on the DIEP Flap, the most advanced option for breast reconstruction. So whether you decide for immediate or delayed reconstruction, we hope to supply you with the information we have learned. Our hope is this will allow you to make the best, educated decision that suits your particular needs. In learning about any of the options available, it is important to know that each individual will respond somewhat differently, based on age and physical condition.

We are trying to help others who have heard those words, "You have breast cancer". The shock of hearing those four words sends your mind in many different directions. Once you come to grips with what that means to you personally, you need to make educated decisions on how to address your situation.

Depending on your own personal situation, you may elect to go through a mastectomy on one or both of your breasts. We will attempt to explain the thought process we went through to decide to have the mastectomy and then the DIEP reconstruction procedure.

The Page "About Us" contains bio's on Carolyn and Alegra

The Page "More About Us" contains bio's on Sandy and Berna (Berna's bio is in Spanish)